I’m Segdrick Farley the Fellow Organizer of EXPO of Wisconsin. At 19 I was sentenced to 30 years in prison and avoided a life sentence. I served 21 years of that sentence. I was released a little over 2 years ago, partly due to the the efforts of EXPO of Wisconsin.

I relocated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin upon my release to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to start a new life. I am married with 2 small children, studying constitutional law at CVTC, and I plan on going to law school. I am also a peer support specialist for CC We Adapt, an On Site Coordinator at The Community Table, and I am the Co Chairperson for the WVRC in collaboration with several organizations to restore voting rights to marginalized communities. I am passionate about a lot of the work that I do because I understand how being disenfranchised can have a butterfly effect that can lead to incarceration and poverty. Helping people find their voices is a form of therapy and redemption for me.

I have spoken at many events in efforts to create a bridge between people who have been disenfranchised with those who have never lived or seen what it’s like. I received The Correcting The Narrative awards recently for my efforts and I believe that in itself shows that just because someone has been incarcerated doesn’t mean that they are dangerous or a horrible person that doesn’t deserve dignity and opportunity. I believe that life rebirths itself every time the Sun rises. I understand that I may not see all the things we all work so hard to change in my lifetime, so my aim is for the generations that follow behind me to look at my efforts and continue to pass it down.