Peggy West-Schroder is the South East WI Coordinator for EXPO based in Milwaukee, WI. Peggy is directly and indirectly impacted having been affected by Mass Incarceration since birth. After serving 14 years on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, she now uses her previous legislative experience to help EXPO push for much needed change in the WI Criminal Justice System, trains EXPOs leaders to pursue changes they would like to see in the system and coordinates the “Unlock the Vote Campaign” Statewide hoping to restore voting rights for people as they come out of prison.

West-Schroder strongly believes those closest to the problem are closest to the solution and wants to see a WI where directly impacted people are represented on all decision making committees and task forces within the WI Department of Corrections and the State Legislature. Believing everyone needs a voice, Peggy proudly assists the ladies of the FREE Campaign to advocate for the needs of incarcerated women. Her goal with FREE is to always ensure that women are included in conversations regarding issues of incarceration as they are frequently overlooked.

The work she does that she is most proud of is being a support for other loved ones of people inside the WI Prison System. Having endured her mother’s, brother’s, husband’s and nephew’s incarceration, Peggy uses that experience to help advocate for and train the families of WI’s incarcerated to be a voice for their loved ones. She hopes to help create a DOC where family is recognized as a support for the successful reintegration of our loved ones.